Microsoft is testing a built-in 'Math Solver' in its Edge browser

The Edge Canary channel is updated on a daily basis with new features and fixes added frequently. Recently, Microsoft added an option in the preview channel allowing users to open Office files directly in the browser. Enhancements like these get promoted to Dev and then Beta channels before finally being made available to the public, provided everything goes well.

Now, it appears that Microsoft is testing a built-in "Math Solver" for its Edge browser.

Math Solver on Microsoft Edge Canary in action
Image credit: Leopeva 64-2 (Reddit)

As spotted by Reddit user Leopeva64-2, a new configuration called "Show Math Solver button" may show up in the Settings > Appearance section for Edge Canary. Clicking on it will add a button next to the omnibox pane at the top. This feature may not be available to everyone yet as part of Microsoft's controlled rollout plans. We don't have it on our test devices either.

Once you click on it, you'll be given two options; either to type in the mathematical problem manually or get a window that you can crop over a mathematical problem on the screen, similar to the Snipping Tool available in Windows 10. Regardless of the option you choose, Math Solver will solve the equation and provide you with the answer along with all the relevant working. The functionality and mechanism are quite similar to what you see in computational software like WolframAlpha.

Math Solver on Microsoft Edge Canary in action

Although it is still in testing, Math Solver could be particularly useful for students and professionals who have to solve mathematical problems on the fly. The built-in feature would also allow for greater efficiency as users won't have to navigate to websites like WolframAlpha to solve their problems. It obviously features additional functionalities on top of the standard Calculator in Windows 10 since it shows the working as well. That said, the limitations of the capability are not known and we haven't been able to extensively test it from our side either. It remains to be seen whether Math Solver will eventually makes it way to the general public.

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