Razer's Anzu smart glasses protect your eyes and play music

Razer Anzu sitting on a desk with the carrying case behind them

Razer has announced a new pair of smart glasses called Anzu, which combines eye-protective lenses with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity for music playback. The Razer Anzu are designed to be used both in front of a computer or TV screen as well outside, with the standard lenses filtering 35% of blue light from screens, and an included pair of replacement polarized glasses to protect from sun rays. Razer says these can filter 99% of UVA and UVB radiation.

Of course, what makes the Anzu glasses smart is the Bluetooth connectivity. They can be paired with a smartphone for music playback with built-in touch-based playback controls, they can be used for calls, and you can also summon your phone's virtual assistant with them. Razer claims audio latency of 60ms thanks to Bluetooth 5.1. The sound itself comes from an open-ear system, with 16mm speakers resting just above your ears. There's also an omnidirectional microphone for calls.

There are also some additional features in the smartphone app that goes along with the Anzu, including equalizer adjustments, latency settings, and firmware updates when they come.

Razer Anzu with sunglass lenses worn by a man outside

The Razer Anzu promise "more than five hours" of battery life on a single charge, assuming they're active that entire time. Folding the glasses puts them into an inactive state, which gives them up to two weeks of standby time. All the while, they weigh a maximum of 48 grams (and a minimum of 43g), depending on the model you get. There two different sizes, and each comes in either a rectangular or rounded model, with the round ones being slightly heavier. The glasses are also IPX4-rated for water resistance, so you should be safe wearing them in the rain.

The Razer Anzu glasses are available starting today, and they cost $199.99 or €209.99. You can also get replacement sunglass lenses for $29.99/€34.99, and if you need prescription lenses, Razer says it's partnered with Lensabl to offer a 15% discount for those who buy the Anzu.

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