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Microsoft launches free 'Python for Beginners' course

Last month, Microsoft announced full support on Azure for version 1.2 of PyTorch, a machine learning framework that is based on the programming language Python. Now, the tech giant is trying to make Python easier to comprehend for those who might find learning it an attractive prospect.

A new video series, titled 'Python for Beginners', hosted by Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Christopher Harrison, and Business Development Manager at AI Gaming, Susan Ibach, has been launched by the firm. Comprising of a total of 44 videos, this series - as indicated by the name - isn't an in-depth study of Python, but rather, it just provides a foundation for the programming language. The course material is noted to be quick and concise, in order to encourage learners to start specifically looking into the areas that interest them as soon as possible.

To gauge an understanding of how to go about designing this series, Harrison and Ibach looked at different quick starts, like the one on Face API. They then used their own insights from when they had learned Python to plan the material. As such, the elements necessary to progress through a tutorial like the one aforementioned have been included in this course.

Python has quickly grown in popularity in recent times, and will reportedly be challenging Java and C in the coming years in terms of related searches being made on search engines. This could have to do with it being used as a primary language in many courses for machine learning, a field which has gained rapid attention due to its current and future potential. In any case, if you're interested, you can check out the course playlist on YouTube.

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