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Microsoft makes a weird musical about itself

Microsoft today released a video called Microsoft the Musical, and yes, it is a musical about Microsoft. While company co-founder and former CEO Bill Gates is only really talked about in the beginning, it does center around him, or at least the idea of Gates.

It starts off with a man singing about him, and points to a woman to tell her that she'd be playing the part of Gates. She responds by saying that she's not Bill Gates, and he says that she could be one day. The whole video is aimed at "dreamers", people that dream that they can change the world. But all of it will happen there, apparently.

After talking about Gates, the video moves on to sing about how Windows was the core that Microsoft was built on, and then goes on about Surface and Office. After saying that, "All around the world our products are well-known", it adds in the clever line, "Except for when we tried to make a phone".

The video is filled with catchy tunes and clever jokes about Windows Vista, Windows phones, and more. Some of it is pretty strange though, whether it's the dance team that appears for seemingly no reason in the HoloLens part, or the oddly out-of-place quantum computing rap.

The video was made by 150 interns and full-time employees, and apparently, they volunteered their mornings, weekends, and nights to do it. The message is there though, and that message is clearly displayed at the end: "This music video is dedicated to every dreamer, whether you're building a better world today or you're studying so you can do it tomorrow. You should and you will."

Check our Microsoft the Musical below:

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