Microsoft may seek another settlement over Burst

For months, executives at Microsoft Corp. and Inc. discussed Burst's technology for transmitting movies and sounds over the Internet more quickly. The talks went nowhere, but Microsoft ultimately developed multimedia technology of its own, code-named Corona, prompting Burst to sue Microsoft on charges of theft and anticompetitive behaviour. Though Microsoft denies any wrongdoing, legal and industry experts believe it's just a matter of time before Microsoft seeks a settlement after a legal setback by a federal judge who has appeared skeptical of the company's claims.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Frederick Motz in Baltimore ordered the world's largest software company to search for any deleted e-mails relating to those discussions with Burst. "Microsoft has been lately on a sort of settling spree, and I think they might take a serious look at settling this case with Burst," said Matt Rosoff, an analyst with Directions on Microsoft, an independent research firm in Kirkland, Wash., near Microsoft's Redmond headquarters. The case, moved from San Francisco to Baltimore for pretrial matters as part of a consolidation of similar lawsuits against Microsoft, is not expected to go to trial for another year, barring a settlement.

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