Microsoft: Number of Kinect-based Xbox 360 games to triple by end of 2011

Microsoft's launch of its Kinect add-on motion controller camera for its Xbox 360 game console exploded back in November 2010 with a whopping 17 games supporting the device. Since then, however, the Kinect-based family of games has only seen nine additional Kinect supported Xbox 360 titles released. According to Microsoft that's all about to change.

Joystiq reports that according to a press release from Microsoft "the size of the Kinect games portfolio will triple by the end of the year." Joystiq points out that with 26 current Kinect games out in stores and another 26 announced games known to be in development, that means there are still 26 more Kinect supported games that have yet to be officially announced, if Microsoft's math is correct.

When asked when we will hear about all of these new Kinect games, Microsoft product manager David Dennis gave Joystiq a fairly typical answer: "As we sat there and looked at it we realized we've got a lot of games coming and we're going to show a lot of them at E3." Yep, that seems to mean that Microsoft is saving quite a few game announcements for its E3 2011 press conference which should happen on Monday June 6, just before E3 2011 opens its exhibit hall doors at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Meanwhile PC users have been awaiting the promised release of the official Windows 7 drivers and SDK for the Kinect device. Microsoft announced that the drivers and SDK package would be released sometime this spring for use in creating free software for researchers and "enthusiasts".

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