Microsoft officially unveils Kid's Corner on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has just officially unveiled Kid's Corner for Windows Phone 8. This feature has been leaked before but now it's all out in the open. Kid's Corner lets user lock their main phone features while simultaneously letting them access special parts of the phone such as games, music and video. The feature is designed with parents in mind giving them a great way to control what their kids do while using the phone.

A parent can customize what apps a child can use and other functions such as in-app purchases. At the same time, the child can customize their own start screen inside Kid's Corner giving them the sense they can access their own part of the phone.

Users can add a lock-screen PIN to make sure their kids don't have access to the main part of the phone, and Kid's Corner is accessed by swiping left from the lock-screen. In a rather fun and unusual presentation, Joe Belfiore brought his own kids on stage to show off this new feature. Later, Jessica Alba also came on stage to talk how this feature helps her manage her kids' usage of the phone.

One thing's for sure, this will be a very welcome addition for parents who will no longer have to worry that their kids will buy stuff or send e-mails to unsuspecting people from the address book.

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