Microsoft unveils Data Sense for Windows Phone 8

During the keynote this morning, Microsoft unveiled a new feature coming with Windows Phone 8. Called Data Sense, this feature will allow users to track their data usage each month, and make sure they don't go over their plan. This feature is similar to what Nokia is already doing for their Lumia devices with an app called Counters, however, Data Sense goes a lot further. 

First of all, Data Sense will give you more control over your usage with different actions it can take when you're approaching your data cap. Second, you can get very detailed information on which app is using data and how much. And most importantly, Data Sense comes with data compression that allows users to use a lot less data when browsing web pages. According to Microsoft you can visit up to 45% more web pages when you use Data Sense.

This service will debut on Verizon and we'll see it later on other carriers in the near future. It will be a very nice addition to the OS and will help Windows Phone users keep their data bill in check.

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