Microsoft outlines how AI can help non-profits as inflation shrinks budgets

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Microsoft has penned an interesting blog post explaining how non-profit organizations can leverage AI such as ChatGPT or Bing Chat to cut costs. Microsoft pointed to inflation explaining that it’s causing budgets to be squeezed more than normal and that AI could help.

The company outlined three “critically important” ways that new AI tools are able to assist non-profits: cost savings, increased productivity, and higher impact. With regards to cost savings, Microsoft said that AI can be used to automate many manual tasks and it has already seen examples of this where tasks that previously cost $15-35 have been reduced to less than $1.

With generative AI at the disposal of organizations, Microsoft says that routine tasks, analysing large amounts of data, and making data-driven decisions can lead to greater productivity. Many non-profits are organizations that try to benefit society in some way and with greater productivity, they can more greatly benefit society.

Finally, on higher impact, Microsoft said that AI can empower employees to focus on the work that delivers the greatest impact. This doesn’t mean replacing workers, it just means moving them to tasks where they could make more of an impact. Microsoft believes this will allow non-profits to do more with less as budgets are squeezed.

It’ll be interesting to see how non-profits, as well as the rest of society, find ways to incorporate new generative AI tools. As Bill Gates put it recently, artificial intelligence is a technology as revolutionary as mobile phones and the internet.

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