Microsoft Prepares to release Windows Live Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail (previous named Windows Live Mail) testers have received an e-mail from Microsoft with the words "we're getting ready to launch" although there is no notice of a date. Microsoft is also offering two small gifts for beta participation: a "Free Beta Badge" and a "Great Windows Vista Offer". The link following the offers the beta tester three signatures with the embedded words "I was a Beta Tester for Windows Live Hotmail". The second offer is for a $100 discount on a high-performance Gateway FX530 Series PC with Windows Vista Ultimate with a 2 system limit per customer or four free (with mail-in rebate) "hardware accessories from Epson, Kingston, D-Link and Artec with a custom-built system running Windows Vista Ultimate from a local PC builder".

Windows Live Hotmail is currently on the tenth milestone, M10 - released on April 2, 2007. M4 was publically released on November 29, 2005. What does Neowin think, is WLH ready for a release?

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