Microsoft 'reaches agreement' in battle

The Lindows vs. Microsoft case seems to be over. Microsoft has agreed to pay Lindows $20 million dollars for website, and Lindows has agreeded to change its name to Linspire.

After claiming that Lindows violated its 'Windows' trademark, Microsoft is to pay $20m to -- which will change its name and hand over a clutch of Web sites, according to reports.

Microsoft's battle with may be over. According to reports on Monday afternoon, Microsoft has agreed to pay $20m -- $15m by August 15th this year and $5m by the start of February 2005. In return, will change its name to Linspire and hand over to Microsoft the rights to a number of Web sites, including

A Microsoft UK spokesman was not immediately able to confirm this report, which was published by CBS Marketwatch and cited a regulatory filing. A Lindows spokesperson told ZDNet UK that the company could not comment on the story, but that it will be holding a press conference to discuss the settlement at 1:00 p.m. EST. Microsoft and have been engaged in a legal tussle since 2001, after Lindows launched a version of Linux that would run applications written for the Windows platform. Microsoft filed a lawsuit claiming that was violating its trademark on the word 'windows'. Lindows, though, has insisted that the term 'windows' was generic.

News source: ZDNet

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