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Microsoft releases new data on Windows 8 and Windows Phone app downloads

Microsoft has been trying to get more developers to create apps for the Windows 8 and Windows Phone platforms, including new support for universal apps that are released for both operating systems. This week, Microsoft offered up some information on the current download trends for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps for the month of April.

In a new blog post, Microsoft said that, not surprisingly, the U.S. is still the biggest market for apps for both platforms. However, the market for Windows 8 apps in the U.S. is much bigger than Windows Phone. For the month of April, 31 percent of all downloads from the Windows Store come from the U.S. However, that market share shrinks to just 12 percent in the Windows Phone Store, followed by China at 10 percent, India at 9 percent and Vietnam at 8 percent.

It's also not surprising to learn that the Games category get the most app downloads for both Windows Store and Windows Phone Store. However, in terms of the number of downloads per app, the Social category is number one in the Windows Store, with twice as many downloads compared to the second place category, Photos. Games gets the largest number of downloads per app in the Windows Phone Store.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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