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Microsoft releases security update outside of Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has stuck with releasing new patches for its various software products on Tuesday in 2011. That is until this week, Microsoft had yet to release a software patch outside of its normal pattern. That ended on Thursday. PCWorld.com reports that Microsoft tripped up its perfect record by releasing a quick patch for its ASP.NET web application program.

The patch, MS11-100, was designed to combat a flaw that was discovered in a number of web applications programs that, if exploited, could bring a web server down with relative ease.

Microsoft released the patch very quickly. In a statement, Dave Forstrom, the director for Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, said that Microsoft was unaware of any cyber attack against an ASP.NET-based program. However, he said that the exploit was severe enough that the company wanted to get a patch out before the normal Tuesday release date. Users of ASP.NET should download and install the patch as soon as possible.

Microsoft has now officially released 100 security bulletins for its products in 2011, which is slightly lower than the 106 bulletins it released in 2010.

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