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Microsoft reveals Edge's new logo

At Microsoft’s Build conference today, the company announced the name of their new browser, Edge. The browser was called Spartan up until now but the company is sticking with E names so that consumers who are used to clicking on a blue ‘e’ will know how to launch the new browser.

With the new browser comes a new icon and at the top of this post, you can see the icon that Microsoft will be using when Windows 10 ships later this year.

The new icon is, well, ‘edgy’ and is a modern interpretation of the classic blue E logo that has been included with Windows for decades. It is familiar enough that users will know what to click to launch the new browser but at the same time updated enough to show off that it is a new browser.

If you want to catch up on what’s new in Edge, you can find all of that content here.

Microsoft is placing big bets with Edge as they are doing away with the legacy name of Internet Explorer. While that old name did have a lot of brand equity, it came with significant baggage that was dragging down the browser.

Source: Kyle Alden

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