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Microsoft reveals more info on the new Windows 365 Android app for the Lenovo ThinkPhone

Microsoft Windows 365 app

In August, Lenovo announced the recently launched $700 Lenovo ThinkPhone by Motorola (yes, that is a mouthful for a phone name) would add a way for owners to access Microsoft's Cloud PC services with Windows 365. Today, Microsoft offered up some more info on what it's calling the Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience.

In a blog post and a YouTube video (below), Microsoft described how the app works with the Lenovo ThinkPhone for business and enterprise users:

The magic happens when you connect your device to a larger external display using a USB-C or HDMI cable, along with an external keyboard and mouse. This simple setup transforms your smartphone into a portable productivity hub, enabling you to work efficiently wherever you are. The compatibility with various monitors and peripherals and even the built-in virtual trackpad on the phone further enhances the Windows Cloud PC experience.

The blog states that the Windows 365 Android app on the ThinkPhone will use normal PC keyboard settings and gestures so that users can work on it as if it were on a PC instead of a smartphone. However, they can still operate and use the same Android apps while the phone is connected to a monitor and to their Cloud PC account. Microsoft stated:

Whether you need to make calls, send and receive messages, or check your social media feeds, you can do it all without disrupting your workflows on your Cloud PC session. You can easily balance between your work and personal tasks without missing a single moment.

This set-up will even allow users to use their phone's camera and speakers to handle tasks while also using the Cloud PC.

At the moment, this app appears to be only available for the Lenovo ThinkPhone. Microsoft has yet to reveal if the Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience will be made available for other smartphones in the future.

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