Microsoft Rewards points can now be used to subscribe to Mixer channels

Microsoft Rewards points are getting more useful thanks to a new partnership with Mixer, which is also owned by Microsoft. Starting today, users can redeem Microsoft Rewards points for a Mixer channel subscription, making it possible to support streamers for free.

It works pretty much how you would expect it to. You can earn Microsoft Rewards points as before - by using Bing, playing certain games, doing Xbox Game Pass Quests, and more - and then you can redeem 3,850 points for a one-month subscription to a Mixer channel of your choice. The subscription lasts for a month, and it's non-recurring, so you won't get charged again once the initial subscription ends.

Mixer subscriptions are one of the many ways you can financially support creators on Mixer, and being able to use Microsoft Rewards makes it possible to do so with no direct cost to the user. Subscriptions also unlock certain benefits depending on which channel you're subscribed to, including custom emotes, five times the Sparks earnings, and twice the XP earnings. There are other ways to support those creators, such as using Sparks and Embers, and it's also possible to subscribe to a Mixer channel for free if you have a new Xbox Game Pass subscription.

The ability to redeem Microsoft Rewards points for Mixer subscriptions is available starting today in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and Singapore. It will be available in all markets where Microsoft Rewards is available in early May. If you're not into Mixer, you can also use those points to donate to the CDC in the United States.

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