Microsoft takes on Joost with LiveStation

It sure took them a while, but at least this time they started before the competition's product went final, was a huge hit and had a massive userbase.

Microsoft Research has teamed up Skinkers Limited to offer live broadcasting of television on your computer by means of a p2p network. The service uses Silverlight, Microsoft's answer to Adobe's Flash, to playback the content on the broadcasted channels. "Imagine your audience being able to watch your live TV content at their desktop, at the airport, at home and in fact, anywhere they can get an Internet connection to their PC! Imagine a quality image with no buffering or stopping! Imagine the possibilities of being able to allow your audience to 'click' on a TV advert exactly as they do on the web but while watching your existing TV channels. All without having to change your current business processes in the slightest!" Let's hope when the two go at it, they'll not only be fighting for picture quality and reliability but for less advertisements as well. The beta program will start small, but all requests will be considered as more testers are needed.

View: Live Demo
Link: LiveStation Beta Signup | Home Page

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