Microsoft: Telemetry is essential in implementing a Zero Trust architecture

Microsoft is a major proponent of the Zero Trust security model, alongside organizations like Google. Time and time again, the Redmond tech giant has emphasized that passwords are on their way out as companies around the world adopt Zero Trust. It is also driving U.S. President Joe Biden's Executive Order about U.S. firms evolving to adopt Zero Trust technologies. Now, Microsoft has shared its updated stance on the implementation and how organizations should cater to it.

A graphic showing Microsoft&039s Zero Trust implementation

Over the past couple of year, Microsoft has learned lots of things when it comes to implementing Zero Trust for multiple organizations around the globe. Based on that, it has shared it general architecture for the implementation, which can be seen above.

Microsoft has also published a whitepaper called "Evolving Zero Trust" that describes its learnings over the years in more detail. The paper emphasizes the company's renewed focus on capturing telemetry to better secure an organization with threat intelligence, measurement of user experience, policy-making, and proactive remediation.

Additionally, it discusses the importance of automation in reducing cost and enhancing a firm's security posture. That said, Microsoft has highlighted that Zero Trust is a very dynamic landscape and firms must evolve to meet its needs. Microsoft has noted that 76% of large organizations have adopted Zero Trust already, and over time, it expects more companies around the world to adopt the security model and its associated tooling and technologies. You can find out more about Microsoft's learnings and relevant insights from its whitepaper here.

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