Microsoft to start nagging Windows XP users about upgrading on March 8th

Microsoft will notify Windows XP users, who have Home and Professional editions, on March 8th that the platform is reaching it’s end of life via Windows Update.

The notification is a direct push to those consumers who are still using the platform stating that it is time to abandon the decade old operating system. By utilizing Windows Update, any users who have this feature turned on will receive a desktop notification that the platform is about to become woefully unsecure (our words, not Microsoft’s).

By making the notification appear directly on the desktop, it will be quite hard for the consumer to plead ignorance that they were not aware that Windows XP would no longer be supported after April 8th. This direct push by Microsoft is a warning shot across the desktop for any user who is still relaying on an operating system that was designed for the technology of more than a decade ago.

If you are still using Windows XP, Microsoft has also announced a new migration tool that will help you transfer to a modern operating system. The free tool will likely remove all excuses from existing users who have yet to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.

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