Microsoft will bring Windows to a new class of a coffee mug

At BUILD 2014, Microsoft will announce a new way to create the 'Internet of things'. On its newly launched website,, the company lays the foundation for creating the next generation of connected devices like a smart coffee mug, teddy bear, or really anything else that isn't currently connected to the Internet.

On the website, which is launching along side the BUILD conference, Microsoft says that they will release an SDK this spring that will help developers build small and smart devices. While the devices are targeted at being small, that's not a limitation by any means as Microsoft states that they will be showing off a piano using the new technology at BUILD.

The new SDK will help you utilize Intel's Galileo platform, and likely other platforms too, and Microsoft will provide documentation to help get users up to speed on the newest ways to put Windows to work on your devices.

It's clear that Microsoft will be targeting smaller devices with this platform and the URL says it all; Microsoft wants to have the premier platform for the next generation of the "Internet of Things" and it looks like this will be the first big step towards making that happen.

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