Microsoft: Xbox One is either 3x or 10x as powerful as Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Xbox One console has been the center of a lot of conversations lately because of the DRM policies that Microsoft has been introducing. While some of the concerns around DRM are legitimate, Microsoft is also trying to introduce new features that make the DRM seem not as restrictive as first thought.

But what about horsepower? We know that the guts of the Xbox One are all new and will be considerably more powerful than current gen devices, but the exact figure has been a bit of a mystery. On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Phil Spencer, who is the head of Microsoft’s Game Studio, said that the console is 3x the power of the Xbox 360.

But, Spencer then took to Twitter to correct that statement saying that the console is up to 10x as powerful, when talking about local power.

Microsoft has been all over the charts on how much more powerful the Xbox One is over the Xbox 360, and while it’s purely a numbers game with no tangible value, the company should try to keep its story straight on how big of a leap the processing power jump is from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. The company recently stated that the console is up to 40x as powerful as the Xbox 360 when using the cloud, which seems like the marketing team got behind the numbers, but it's a number Microsoft did say to the public.

The video posted above also has some gameplay from Forza 5 and Killer Instinct, both of which will be available on the Xbox One. While only a brief demo was shown of Forza 5, it does show the high caliber of detail we can expect in the next generation consoles.

Source: YouTube | Via: Craveonline

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