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Microsoft's Nancy Tellem confirms more original content coming to Xbox Live

Microsoft’s Xbox console has transformed from a gaming machine to an all-out entertainment and media hub in the living room. Over the years we have seen Microsoft debut new content and features for the aging box console such as Xbox Glass and the recently aired inside Minecraft documentary.

It should not come as a surprise that Microsoft is looking to expand the content offerings of the Xbox console and a recent hire, Nancy Tellem, all point to Microsoft’s move into media creation arena.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Nancy Tellem confirmed that Microsoft is planning to develop original Xbox Live content including documentaries, game shows, reality TV shows and much more.  

While we do not know when this content will debut that Tellem is referring too, the Xbox 360 is already capable of delivering this content but we suspect its true value may not be shown until the next generation Xbox is revealed.

For Microsoft, by providing original content, it will help to set to the tone that the Xbox is far more than a gaming platform. Microsoft will be able to use this content to entice non-gamers to purchase the hardware to gain access to the media content.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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