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Microsoft's Upgraded Fingerprint Reader for Windows Vista

Today at the 2007 International CES in Las Vegas, Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of the Microsoft® Fingerprint Reader with software updates from DigitalPersona Inc., for Windows Vista™ compatibility, offering users the convenience of replacing their passwords with their fingerprint, and easily managing the import or export of passwords across multiple computers. These updates were designed for the Fingerprint Reader to make the user accounts in Windows Vista more convenient for individuals and families by eliminating the need to remember and type in account passwords when using features such as the new Parental Controls.

"This is an exciting time for PC users with the launch of Windows Vista, and we want to ensure that our products are enhancing the new operating system. We've added new features to our mice and keyboards, and the Fingerprint Reader is no exception, with updates to make Windows Vista features more convenient," said Sean Butterworth, product marketing manager for Microsoft Hardware. "The Hardware team worked closely with DigitalPersona to enable password mobility and administration, which is a huge timesaver and something many customers have requested, especially those who will be making the move to Windows Vista this year."

"DigitalPersona Password Manager 2.0 is the result of our ongoing collaboration with Microsoft," said Vance Bjorn, CTO of DigitalPersona. "This update offers the latest fingerprint technology to consumers and utilizes the enhanced features in Windows Vista."

News source: MS Presspass

Simplified Controls

Windows Vista offers users new features to help protect and personalize their computer: Using the new Parental Controls in Windows Vista, users can easily create a separate account for each family member and control which Web sites, programs and games each person can use and install. This helps users protect their family and keeps their computer running smoothly. The Microsoft Fingerprint Reader brings convenience at the touch of a fingerprint to complement these new Windows Vista features, and also allows users to quickly and easily log on to the PC, switch between users and access favorite online sites.

Manage and Port Passwords

Gone are the headaches and hassles of reloading individual passwords when switching machines or using multiple computers. The updated Fingerprint Reader coupled with the new DigitalPersona software allows users to manage password changes, save passwords to a CD or thumb drive, and take them to another computer.

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