Middle Earth: Shadow of War release date moves ahead to August [Update]

In a very surprising move, Microsoft just updated the pre-order page for Middle Earth: Shadow of War with a new release date, after the developer delayed the game to October to be closer to the launch of the Xbox One X. Although it hasn't been confirmed by the developer, we could be looking at an earlier release date.

Middle Earth: Shadow of War was revealed as one of the first games that would support the Xbox One X, featuring full 4K HDR visuals. The game was shown on the Xbox stage this year, giving gamers a glimpse into the epic scale and new gameplay mechanics. The story follows on the blockbuster 2014 hit, that is set in the land of Mordor.

The game now sports a release date of August 25 (August 22 in the US) on the Xbox One store and its website (pictured above). The game is expected to launch on Xbox One, Windows 10 and PlayStation 4. The game is up for pre-order now.

Update: Warner Bros. has acknowledged the error, and it was corrected on the Xbox One store. The launch date for the game is still, October 10.

Source: Xbox Store

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