More Chrome OS devices now support the Google Assistant

Google has announced that its Assistant is now available for more users on Chromebook devices with the latest update. The announcement doesn't specifically say what version of Chrome OS this is coming with, and there's no changelog yet on the usual channels. However, it's been just shy of six weeks since Chrome OS 76, so this is likely coming with version 77.

The arrival of the Google Assistant seems to be the only noteworthy feature in this release, and it enables a variety of capabilities. You can ask the Assistant to create a document to have it open instantly, check your calendar events, set reminders, and play music.

To set up the Google Assistant, you'll need to head to Settings, then Search and Assistant. From here you can set up voice recognition if you prefer interacting with it that way. It can also be summoned with a keyboard shortcut, by pressing the Search key and A at the same time.

Since the update hasn't been talked about on the usual channels, it could be that there are other improvements in this release, but we'll have to wait and see if Google provides a more thorough changelog.

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