More Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone names leak

Microsoft's first Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones have yet to ship to the US, but a contest on Microsoft's Canada web site may have officially revealed the names of four upcoming devices based on Microsoft's newly updated mobile operating system. As pointed out by, the names were revealed in the Terms and Conditions web page for a contest designed to be entered by Canada-based Windows Phone 7 app developers.

The first 300 Canadian app developers who submit two Windows Phone 7 apps that are accepted by Microsoft to the App Marketplace will be able to get a Windows Phone 7.5 phone from the company. Microsoft says the smartphone will be worth an estimated $600. According to the site, "The type of Windows Phone 7.5 will vary and will be selected at Microsoft’s choosing (examples include Samsung Yukon, Samsung Wembley, NOKIA Searay and NOKIA Sabre).

As noted by, only the Nokia Searay (sometimes spelled out as "Sea Ray") has been mentioned before in other rumors about upcoming Windows Phone 7.5 devices. The other Nokia phone mentioned, the Sabre, was also apparently mentioned in the past as a code name for the Searay phone but this contest entry would seem to confirm that the Searay and the Sabre are two different products. The Samsung Yukon and the Samsung Wembley names are completely new. Obviously there's no word on when any of these WP7-based phones will be released nor what their exact hardware specifications will be like. Naturally none of these names have been officially confirmed by Samsung or Nokia.

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