Mouse round-up: Logitech, Microsoft and Razer mice compared

We have said it from day one in our reviews, buying guides, and even on the news when possible, spending a considerable amount of money in a good keyboard and mouse is not a waste of your hard earned cash. After all, those are the devices you will be interacting with 90% of time. Be it because of ergonomic reasons or plain comfort, if you are serious about computing, we certainly encourage you to invest in such high-end input devices rather than in the latest quad-GPU graphics board.

That is the reason today we are taking a look at six mice ranging from $20 to a bit over $50. The contenders today are from Logitech: the MX1000 and MX518, from Razer: the Viper and Diamondback, and from Microsoft: the Wireless Intellimouse Explorer, and the Optical Mouse by S+ARCK.

View: TechSpot's Mouse round-up

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