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A quick up date on Merlin's relic thief from this weekend, and cheating in general.

I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware that there was indeed a cheater on Merlin this weekend, who was able to steal (using a hack) the relics in Midgard, and was attempting to take the relics in Albion also. We caught this person within 15 minutes of his use of this hack, and have terminated all of his accounts for Dark Age of Camelot. The relics have been restored to their proper place, and everything is good with the world.

This brings up an issue that I have wanted to clarify for a while now. If you are cheating in DAoC, or using some sort of game hack (speed-hack, etc...), we most likely have already logged your activites. After logging, we watch the person/account to verify personally whether this is truly someone cheating or not. Our methods are very accurate. This can take some time, so we do not always get everyone right away. Though we do terminate 3-5 accounts everyday for this type of issue. The message that I am trying to send is this: If you are cheating, and think you are getting away with it, you are incorrect. Now is your chance to stop. We will catch you, and when we do, we will terminate your account if it is verified that you are actually cheating/hacking.

For the majority of you who do not ever cheat, be assured that we are doing our best to protect your gaming experience, and we are succeeding.(Right! What about Odins Eye? -sub)

News source: Casters Realm

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