NCsoft poaches WoW developers

Korean games publisher NCsoft, responsible for popular multiplayer online games such as Guild Wars, City of Heroes and Lineage, has announced a new studio by the name of Carbine Studios. What makes this studio interesting is the fact that it will be staffed by key developers from competitor Blizzard's World of Warcraft team - the most popular online RPG to christen the gaming world. NCsoft claimed in a press statement that Carbine Studios is working on a new project that promises to "break new ground in massively multiplayer gaming."

NCsoft's division is staffed by several former Blizzard employees, including Kevin Beardslee who was a lead developer on World of Warcraft, and key development staff who worked on the popular games, Fallout and Asheron's Call. "This is a dev team made in heaven. This group is as experienced as they come in the area of computer role playing and multiplayer game design. Making successful games is second nature to them," said Robert Garriott, chief executive at NCsoft's North American business.

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