New company offers free music downloads via Facebook

Everyone wants something for nothing. It's not just the American way; it's the global way. So when we read a story at about a company that is giving away music via Facebook, we are going to check that out pronto. The company is called Free All Music and it's buying songs wholesale from two of the four major music labels (EMI Music and Universal Music Group).

After it does that, it works with other companies such as Budweiser and American Express to give away the songs it has purchased to the public if they "like" the partner company's Facebook page. It's like clicking on an ad banner, but instead you get free music downloads instead of surfing to another web site. Free All Music even charges a CPM to their partner companies which, in theory, is how it makes money.

It certainly has potential. People love to download music, even in this era of streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify. Advertisers who sign up for this collaboration will be getting a lot of folks to show up at their Facebook pages which will help them in the long run.

The big question is whether Free All Music will actually be able to make money by buying music and and then getting CPM funds from its Facebook advertisers.

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