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New Microsoft ads pit Surface Pro 3 against the Macbook Air

The Surface Pro 3 may be a very impressive device in and of itself, but that’s not to say it couldn’t use some marketing. Microsoft’s latest ads pit the Surface Pro 3 against Apple’s Macbook Air.

The new commercials are comparing the latest offering from Microsoft against its main rival company, Apple. When the Surface Pro 3 was launched, Microsoft insisted on comparing it to the Macbook Pro and iPad, and now these latest videos compare it to the Macbook Air.

It’s obvious the Surface Pro 3 comes out on top, these are Microsoft commercials after all. But what’s nice here, is that some of the Surface Pro 3’s best features are shown off, including its power; the fact that it’s essentially a laptop in a tablet, and the stylus which offers a unique writing experience.

Of course the videos poke fun at Apple’s offerings, and there are many people who believe Microsoft could do better if it just focused on its own product’s features, like they did in the first ad.

What do you think, should Microsoft continue to go after their competitors? Or simply show the best it has to offer?

Source: Surface (Youtube) via WPC 

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