New Notebook Battery Offers Fast Recharge Times

Boston-Power, Inc. and HP have developed a next-generation notebook lithium-ion battery line, dubbed Sonata, which will feature the world's fastest recharge time along with a matching lifespan to current notebooks and enhanced safety features. The latter includes "slower chemical kinetics, novel current interrupt devices, new thermal fuses, unique pressure relief vents and safer pack configuration." Recharging the battery to 80% capacity will take just 30 minutes, about half the time of most other battery solutions. The main advantage Sonata has is that it can be used with existing notebook computers without design changes required from the notebook computer OEM. The fist public unveiling of Sonata will take place this Thursday at DEMO 2007 while the first notebook computers that use Sonata batteries are expected to begin shipping this summer.

"As the world's number one supplier of notebook computers, HP is deeply committed to capitalizing on innovations in portable power. We believe that lithium-ion is the best solution to power notebook computers for the foreseeable future. HP welcomes opportunities to incorporate advancements in this area into our products to the benefit of our customers," said HP Distinguished Technologist Dr. John Wozniak.

News source: DailyTech

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