New Notifications and Notification Center live on Google Chrome Beta

Notification Center on Mac and Windows

Users of the Google's Chrome know that the browser implements a notification system that can alert users to things that are going on that they might have missed. Now the Chrome team is announcing an updated version of the system.

The new notifications are already live in the Beta version of Chrome. These come with a new, cleaner design and also improved functionality. Users can interact with information directly inside the notification window. Developers will be able to configure these new notification to display much richer info, such as images and quick actions. Replying to an e-mail, for example, can be done directly without the need to actually go to your inbox. Depending on which sites you visit these notifications may be turned on by default or you may need to enable them.

Alongside the new notifications users will also get a Notification Center. This works much like you'd expect, showing a full list of notifications that you might have missed and you can mute certain notifications if you prefer peace and quiet. This feature was first spotted a while ago, and has been present in the Alpha Canary builds of Chrome for some time now. 

Heavy users of Google's browser will definitely enjoy the new features and if you're curious to try them out you can download Chrome beta right now. If not, you can always wait until all the bugs get squashed and the notifications are integrated into the stable release.

Source: Google Chrome BlogImages via Google Chrome

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