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New Program Provides Apple Remote With More Capabilities

New beta software that makes the Apple Remote Control more useful is available now. Software developer CASE Apps has released the public beta solution, called Sofa Control. The software, which is available for Mac OS X 10.4, aims to make any application controllable using an Apple remote.

It works in two modes: Sofa and Auto Take Control modes. The first lets users switch between applications and select files; the second will automatically recognise which application is being used. You can set the software up to enable page-scrolling (and other controls) using the Apple Remote in the second mode.

The developers warn that in its current incarnation, Sofa Control is a beta and that users will experience bugs, but promise more ahead: "The final version 1.0 will support more applications, will have a smoother user interface and more."

The beta that is currently available will expire on June 16. For $9.99, users can buy a license which will be valid for all future releases of the software.

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