New screenshot leak could reveal more on Windows 9 and Modern UI Office launch dates

Earlier in May, Neowin community member "FaiKee" posted up an image in our forums that looked like it came from a Facebook profile page of a Microsoft employee. That person apparently worked on a number of projects at the company, including something called "Windows 365". However, the poster blocked out some of the text in that screenshot.

Now the website claims to have received the original, and uncensored, Facebook profile page, which may reveal some release date targets for many Microsoft products.

One thing the image shows is a possible release date timeframe for Windows 9, which shows as coming sometime in either the second or third quarter of 2015. This is similar to what "FaiKee" posted just a few days ago on another website. Another launch time frame was revealed for the Modern UI touchscreen Office apps, which have the code name Gemini. The profile page claims that they could be completed sometime this summer. Some images of what those apps might look like showed up in a recent Microsoft Research project report.

The screenshot references Office 2015 as well, which shows that it is still in the Alpha stage of development. Finally, there's a list of something called "Update Items" which include OneDrive, Metro UI, Windows Defender, Windows Activation and Cortana.

Of course, this image could still be a fake,. but MYCE claims to have received it two days before FaiKee posted part of the "Base From Update" section on another website on May 16th. We will see if this is an elaborate prank, or the real deal in the coming months.

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