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NewEgg: Windows 8 sales are "slow going" so far

Last week, rumors hit the Internet that sales of Windows 8 have so far not met with Microsoft's own expectations, while Microsoft would not officially comment on those rumors. Now, an executive at electronics retailer Newegg has confirmed that sales of Windows 8 software, at least from them, have been "slow going", without actually providing specific sales numbers.

ReadWrite.com reports that Merle McIntosh, senior vice president of product management of Newegg North America said:

On the software side it has been slow going, and I think it will be that way until the pricing normalizes sometime next year ... But on the hardware side, we’re starting to see some slow but steady increases in notebooks, and as the tablets become available, we’re starting to see some good sides of the tablet part of the equation as well.

Windows 7 reportedly sold 100 million copies in its first six months. However, McIntosh added that sales of Windows 8 have not approached those of Windows 7. He added:

It doesn’t even come close. As you know ... the Windows 7 launch was coming in to solve a Vista problem, and there was lots of lots of pent-up demand for it. And so for the launch - at launch - the Win 8 stuff doesn’t compare, really.

Despite the initial sales of Windows 8, McIntosh was optimistic that the OS will see increased sales in the first half of 2013, " ... probably at the end of the first quarter, going into the second quarter."

Source: ReadWrite.com | Image via Newegg

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