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Nintendo Wii U sold out in US; eBay prices start around $300

It's not exactly a shock to hear that the launch of the Nintendo Wii U game console in the US has started out with mass sellouts. The console officially went on sale Sunday and retail stores reported lines outside their doors as people waited to get their hands on the latest console from the Japanese company.

Forbes reports that auctions of the Wii U have already started on the eBay website, with over 2,500 listings for the console available for bid. However, our own quick check of eBay for the Wii U showed that you could get some consoles for their normal price. One listing showed, as of this writing, the 8 GB version selling for just $299.99, the regular price of the console.

Nintendo has yet to comment on how many Wii U consoles were actually available for sale on Sunday. The company also released a large software update for the console at the same time as the US launch, which added some new features to the console. One of them was support for Netflix. In a post on the Netflix blog, the company revealed the features of its new Wii U port, which includes viewing Netflix videos on both the main TV screen and the Wii U GamePad touch screen.

The Wii U is currently scheduled to ship in Europe on November 30th and will make its debut in Nintendo's native Japan on December 8th.

Source: Forbes.com | Image via eBay

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