Nexus S leaks out on


It was several months ago that Neowin broke word that Google was working on a Nexus 2 smartphone. After the Nexus One failed to make the splash that Google was looking for, many were surprised to hear that Google was pushing out a Nexus 2. recently spotted a Nexus S posting (presumably the Nexus 2) on Best Buy's mobile website which hints that the device could be landing soon. The website also claims that the Nexus S will be a Best Buy exclusive which likely means it wont take the approach that the original Nexus One tried to do, a multi-carrier national roll-out. 

Besides the name Nexus S, little is known about the device. While hints have suggested that it will be a Samsung based device, there is still no definitive answer and Google has not even admitted that the device exists.   


Looks like the Nexus S might have leaked out on Best Buy's site, Engadget spotted this picture hidden deep within the mobile site and it looks a lot like a Nexus branded Samsung Galaxy S. Could this simply be the same phone but without Samsung's TouchWiz UI?


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