Nintendo hides a small message to fans inside the Switch Pro Controller

Easter eggs have long been a fun way for developers to hide messages, features, or even games inside software and hardware. For instance, Android has featured numerous Easter eggs such as one involving the collection of cats, inspired by Neko Atsume, while Excel 97 included a primitive flight simulator.

Now, it appears that Nintendo has managed to sneak in a message inside the Pro Controller for its Switch console which launched this week.

Underneath the top of the rim surrounding the right thumbstick, you can see through the translucent shell of the controller and see the message "THX2ALLGAMEFANS!".

In order to be able to see it, you will need to pull the right thumbstick down while also using a torch or the flash from a smartphone to provide sufficient illumination. Finally, you'll need to look at it from directly above as if you look from an angle the text may otherwise appear upside down.

While it is unknown if this embedded message will only be included in the first batch of Switch Pro Controllers or will remain as a permanent fixture, it's nonetheless a cool little shout out to gaming fans from Nintendo.

Source: @geo_stream (Twitter) via Nintendo Life

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