Nintendo is now the dark overlord of the console Universe

Alright, let me explain this one first. No, Nintendo won't be doing a remake of Howard the Duck. So don't panic.

But, according to the Financial Times - as of yesterday (or when the article was done at least) Nintendo has officially pulled ahead of Microsoft's Xbox 360 in unit sales to once again sit atop the console world as king.

Now, we can discuss whether or not Nintendo's Wii is actually worthy of being king right now, but that is another story for another day yes? In any event, the Wii has only been out about a year, one year less than Microsoft's Xbox 360 of course - so in the final tally what does this really mean? Not much really, unless you are a pure Nintendo fanboy and are at this point jumping up and down in glee. Which is fine of course! Needless to say, the Wii offers a certain type of gamer what they want and the Xbox 360 (and of course the Playstation 3) offers other gamers what they want. It is all about choice, right?

Feel free to discuss the merits of the Wii being the #1 console and Nintendo once again ruling the roost guys.

View: Original story @ Financial Times (Subscribers only story)
View: Another story @ Shacknews

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