Nintendo will be upping production on the Switch for the holidays

The Nintendo Switch has been a huge success for the firm, selling close to five million units only a few months in. While the stock of the console has gotten much better over the past couple months, Nintendo's production facility will undoubtedly be tested once again come this holiday season.

Luckily, Nintendo is well aware that the demand could increase quite a bit during the tail end of the year and has stated that it would be increasing its production to two million units per month. Unfortunately, there isn't a number of how many are currently being produced each month, so upping the volume to two million doesn't really say much as the increase could be high or low. The firm did launch with two million units globally when the console debuted back in March.

Nintendo has stated that it would like to close out the year selling ten million consoles. This could happen but the holiday season isn't without stiff competition. While there are plenty of games coming out for the Xbox One and PlayStation, Microsoft will also be launching its latest console on November 7 with the Xbox One X.

Source: DigiTimes via TechCrunch

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