Nokia denies plans to run Google's Android

In perhaps an unsurprising turn of events the telecommunications giant Nokia have squashed rumours regarding their rumoured move to the Android platform.

An article published on tech informer website Engadget earlier this month, stated Nokia were looking to Android for future handsets. Quoting from the newspaper The Guardian this Monday last, the article states that according to "industry insiders" the world's largest phone manufacturer will reveal an Android-powered touch screen handset at its Nokia World event this September.

Engadget goes further by stating that:

"Though Nokia itself has never truly ruled out the possibility of working with Open Handset Alliance code, a move into Android right now...would be an admission on Nokia's part that it has failed to be a Maker of Standards, despite its overwhelming size and market position."

This was news that certainly got tongues wagging, however Nokia shortly dispelled rumours by the Guardian's 'insiders', telling Reuters:

"Absolutely no truth to this whatsoever, everyone knows that Symbian is our preferred platform for advanced mobile devices."

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