Nokia offers ad made by 808 Pureview's camera

Nokia's 808 Pureview smartphone got a lot of hype a couple of months ago when it was first announced as Nokia boasted about its onboard 41 megapixel camera. Today, Nokia released a new video ad for the 808 Pureview that it claims was made entirely on the phone's camera.

Overall, the pictures in the ad are impressive, although we suspect they might look even better if the YouTube video's resolution was bumped up to 1080p. There's some video footage at the end of the ad, but the video isn't quite as good as the still pictures and even has a bit of shaky movement in the footage.

Nokia has already said it plans to release the 808 Pureview in the UK and other parts of Europe on May 14th. It has also said, unfortunately, that North America won't be getting the phone, perhaps due to the company not wanting to take the focus away from its Lumia lineup.

However, it's possible that other Windows Phone-based Lumia smartphones will have similar camera technology and hardware built into future versions. In the meantime, US citizens could always find a way to get an imported 808 Pureview if they want to impress their friends.

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