Nokia takes shots at Google Maps and iOS 6 Maps

Nokia has been busy today. It's already gone after Apple's iPhone 5 with an infographic comparing the smartphone, due out on Friday, to Nokia's still Lumia 920, which won't be out for several weeks at least. Now Nokia is taking on both Apple and Google in a new blog post and a new infographic.

The blog compares Nokia Maps, which is used as the basis for Microsoft's Bing Maps, to Google Maps and the new, and really crappy, iOS 6 Map app from Apple. The blog states:

Unlike our competitors, which are financing their location assets with advertising or licensing mapping content from third parties, we completely own, build and distribute mapping content, platform and apps. In other words, we truly understand that maps and location-based apps must be accurate, provide the best quality and be accessible basically anywhere.

The infographic tries to show some of the features of Nokia Maps compared to the competition. To be fair, the offline maps feature in Nokia Maps listed is not yet available; it will be launched around the time the Lumia 920 is available for sale.

Perhaps the biggest point in favor of Nokia Maps is the turn-by-turn navigation support, which is available in over 110 countries compared to 39 countries on Google Maps and 56 countries on iOS 6.

Source: Nokia blog | Image via Nokia

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