Nokia W7 and W8 to be company's first WP7 devices

When Microsoft first announced that it would be partnering up with Nokia to build WP7 devices, besides the shock of dumping Symbian for its premium devices, many were left wondering what devices would first get the new platform. If an industry insider is to be believed, the W7 and W8 will be the first Nokia devices to sport WP7.

The information comes from Eldar Murtazin (via BGR) who is well respected within the Nokia community and to date has been reliable when it comes to leaking out information related to Nokia. The information states that the phones will be built on Qualcomm chipsets and will be similar to the HTC Mozart.

While all of this information is not confirmed, the reputation of Eldar is among the best in the industry, specifically for leaking Nokia related material. The above images are mockups and are not intended to represent final hardware.

Microsoft is working hard to push WP7 and recently detailed the next major update to the platform, "Mango". While Microsoft did have a few issues with its first update, and a slow rollout of its second, the platform does have potential as long as Microsoft can successfully navigate the upgrade trails.

Image Credit: BGR

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