Nokia's Twitter feed mocks Samsung's Galaxy S4

As expected, Samsung revealed the Galaxy S4 smartphone on Thursday night, with a planned launch for late April. Nokia didn't waste time going after Samsung and its newest Android phone, using their Twitter account to imply that Samsung was copying features found in Nokia's Windows Phone-based Lumia devices.

One Twitter post in particular caught our eye, as the classroom scenario seems to suggest Samsung is "cheating" by looking over Nokia and its notes.

Yet another post uses a checklist to show which features Nokia believes Samsung took from the Lumia, such as wireless charging, along with the features that the Lumia still has exclusively on the Lumia 920 such as Nokia Music, Pureview, City Lens and the fact that the Lumia phones come in a number of different colors.

One Twitter post linked to a fan-made video on YouTube where we see "Jeremy", the boy that was the center of the Galaxy S4 teaser videos, taking a quick message from a Lumia smartphone

Nokia is clearly going on the offensive here, attempting to draw attention away from what will likely be the best-selling Android smartphone of 2013. While they do have some points about feature-"copying", in the end consumers will end up voting with their wallets, and Nokia may end up the loser.

Source: Nokia on Twitter

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