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NOMU to launch rugged S30 mini later this month

The NOMU S30 rugged smartphone has been on the market for a number of months and has proven its general durability in scenarios such as going for a tumble in a washing machine and being frozen in a block of ice in our own review. However, the bulk and heft of the smartphone became the most obvious detractors for potential buyers.

Now, it appears that NOMU is attempting to counter those drawbacks in the form of the upcoming S30 mini, following in the footsteps of other popular miniaturized smartphones such as the HTC One mini and the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. While details of the device's dimensions have not yet been released, it will feature an 'ultra-thin body' along with a carbon fiber battery cover. Also, in an improvement upon the original S30, the mini will also boast a waterproof USB port, eliminating the need to undo and fasten a rubber plug before and after connecting a cable.

Last, but not least, the smartphone will ship with Android 7.0 Nougat, also a step up from Marshmallow found on the NOMU S30 which has yet to receive a bump up to the most recent version of the mobile operating system.

The NOMU S30 mini is expected to launch later this month with more details to come in the following weeks. In the meantime, those that are interested in buying the existing S30 can snare a 22% discount on AliExpress, bringing the price under $220 until June 11th.

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