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Nothing Phone (2) gets shown off in new video and Twitter tease before official launch

Nothing phone 2 teaser

The Nothing Phone (2) is only one week away from its official reveal on July 11. However, the Nothing Company, founded by the original creator of OnePlus, continues to tease us with what we can expect from the second smartphone from this startup.

The latest YouTube video from popular tech reviewer Marques Brownlee gave us a much closer look, and some new info, about the back and the lights for the Nothing Phone (2), and compared it to the first Nothing phone. Both have transparent backs, but the Nothing Phone (2) will have a gray color.

Both also have strips of LED in the same positions, but while the original Nothing Phone had just 5 lights, the Nothing Phone (2) will break up the lights for a total of 11 illuminated sections. The big central light, which was just one LED for the first Nothing phone, has been broken up into 5 sections for the Nothing Phone (2).

Brownlee also stated that while the original phone had 11 lighting zones in the back, the Nothing Phone (2) will triple that amount to 33 zones. One of the zones will be used as a volume indicator or a timer for the phone. It can also be used as an app progress indicator. The bottom LED light can also be used as a battery charger indicator, like the original phone.

The Nothing Phone (2) will use the company's Glyph composer so that owners can create personalized ringtones, according to Brownlee.

Today, The Nothing Twitter account posted up another image showing the back of the Nothing Phone (2). It also seems to show a version with a white-colored back along with the grey-colored version.

We also know the phone will have one of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8-series processors. In addition, it will be the first of the company's phones to be officially sold in the US.

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