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Novel "how-tos"

I love these articles, simply for their novel and frugal use of existing technology. And anyone can do it, in theory! First up, how to build you own 1 : 5 scale Sherman tank.

"Bought a toy King Tiger for my 5-year old son (the only reason we men have kids is so we can play with their toys) and, well, I just "got to thinking." Could this thing be scaled up and fitted with R/C controls? How big could it be made? Why not - dare I say it? - big enough for ME TO DRIVE AROUND? Well, that was a bit excessive, but one big enough for my son to drive around is well within reason. (Or at least more reasonable than most of the things I do.) Just imagine the looks on your neighbors faces when you rumble into the midst of their barbecue in a Panzer, and paste the beer cooler with your 37mm potato cannon. That'll teach 'em to drink imported beer on the 4th of July. "

View: How to Build a mini-tank

Next up, how to build your own satellite grounds station!

"A site called Hobby Space has this article at which there are instructions on how you can build your own satellite weather station! Something I think all of us have wanted to do at one point or another, this site tells us all how to "hack" into the weather satellites and get back usable pictures using our PCs and an AM antenna. There are more instructions for getting geostationary images..."

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News source: Slashdot have fun kids :)

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