NVIDIA introduce PureVideo - "HD movies for your PC"

Nvidia has unveiled its PureVideo HD technology which delivers HD-DVD and Blu-ray movie playback on PCs. PureVideo HD combines hardware acceleration from an Nvidia graphics processing unit, high-definition movie player integration and HDCP support to make it easy for manufacturers and consumers to build PCs that can play HD-DVD or Blu-ray movies. HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies are anticipated to start shipping this summer.

These movies feature lifelike imagery with up to six times more visual detail than standard DVDs. PureVideo HD technology combines high-definition movie decode acceleration using certain Nvidia GeForce 7-series GPUs, HDCP circuitry and HD movie player integration to deliver cinematic-quality Blu-ray and HD-DVD movie playback. A graphics card featuring PureVideo HD technology combined with an AACS HD disk drive, an HDCP-compliant display and a PureVideo-powered HD movie player from companies like CyberLink, InterVideo and Nero make it possible for consumers to enjoy superb HD movie playback on their PC. Nvidia is also working closely with major optical disk drive manufacturers including Sony/NEC, Panasonic, Pioneer, Toshiba/Samsung and Philips to test disk drive performance and maximise compatibility.

News source: VNU.net

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